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The Mighty

The Mighty publishes real stories by real people facing real challenges. Having a disability or disease doesn’t have to be isolating. That’s why The Mighty exists. The Mighty is a safe platform for the chronic illness community to tell their stories, connect with others and raise support for the causes they believe in.


But You Don’t Look Sick

The mission of But You Don’t Look Sick is to help everyone with a chronic illness or invisible disability, in order for them to live their lives to the fullest and not feel isolated and alone. They believe that medical circumstances have put such people in a unique and understanding position, so that they can help each other through similar and difficult times. The information and community on the site is to aid people in leading better lives through knowledge, networking, friendship and, most of all, support.


Meditation Oasis

Through the use of guided meditation and technology, Meditation Oasis has been able to bring meditation to thousands of people worldwide. Their guided meditations are recommended by doctors and therapists and are used in schools, businesses, hospitals, clinics, military settings and homes all over the world. There are innumerable ways to enter a meditative state and to experience the benefits of meditation. Their meditation course and guided meditations are based on universal principles that can be discovered in many traditions and practices. They help you to access a universal human ability — the ability of the mind to be at ease. Our meditation style is compatible with any culture, philosophy, beliefs or lifestyle.



TENS Massager

Treat yourself to the therapeutic benefits of electronic pulse stimulation with a TENS massager. Chiropractors and physical therapists have recommended this powerful muscle relief therapy to their patients for years. With this FDA-approved hand-held model, you can start enjoying daily treatments from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the cost you would pay for just one in-office treatment with your health care provider. When used as recommended, this tool can provide immediate pain relief by targeting your sore or aching muscles with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) pulses that activate your body’s natural pain blockers —making it a safe alternative to drugs or surgery. Try out TENS massage now for only $25.


Hot or Cold Gel Pack

Using a hot/cold pack can help reduce swelling that causes pain. When used as a cold therapy, it provides fast relief for acute soft tissue injuries and other conditions that require cold applications to reduce bruising, swelling and pain. When used as a hot therapy, it provides long-lasting soothing relief. It is a great source of muscle relaxation, and increases blood flow to promote healing. It can also be used to soothe arthritis pain. This versatile gel pack can be cooled in the freezer in as little as one hour, or warmed in hot water or the microwave in as little as 50 seconds! Get your hot-cold gel pack for less than $6.


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts for Pain Relief

Dr. Teal’s therapeutic soaking aid combines the benefits of magnesium sulfate epsom slats with mint and rosemary to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles, and promote well-being. Soothing mint and rosemary combined with magnesium sulfate aids in relaxation and tension relief with comforting overworked muscles. Mint oil helps to soften and cool skin for maximum pain relief. Get the best epsom salts for pain relief here.



In the Kingdom of the Sick by Laurie Edwards

In the Kingdom of the Sick is one of our absolute favorite books over here at the Chronic Illness Entrepreneur. A deep and eye-opening study in the social history of chronic illness and the impact that gender, economy, and the digital age has on disease. Grab it here!


The Gifts of Imperfection

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown has been recommended for this resource page by Mari, a member of our community. She talks about how the book has helped her with mindset issues regarding her chronic illness, and it has helped her feel better about not being as physically or emotionally strong as she used to wish she was. Mindset is an extremely important part of overcoming the struggles that come with chronic illness, so we highly recommend checking this book out.


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Build Your Own VA Course

One of our own community members, Brittany Berger, created a fantastic course called Build Your Own Virtual Assistant on business automation techniques that is supremely helpful for those of us who have a chronic illness. Using the tips from this course is a great way to help streamline your business systems that take a lot of time. Access the course here.

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